A software patch is a cure or fix for a security flaw that resides in the operating system or in an application.

It is often seen that viruses, hackers, Trojan horses and worms attack and penetrate into computer systems by exploiting the security flaw. By applying the necessary patches the system security will be enhanced and rejuvenate in power.

The main objective of patch audit is to identify the missing patches in the installed applications. This is the right time to focus, learn and implement information security. Netar Software Services Pvt. Ltd. has gained the right experience and exposure and technical knowledge to offer specialized services covering every aspect of Information Security.

When it comes to information security, emerging threats and the ever-quickening evolution of technology both put sensitive enterprise data at risk. As such, staying up to date with the latest information security strategies and techniques is of the utmost importance.

Following activities are performed during patch audits:

  • Determine Inventory of installed software and their versions.
  • Confirm the list of patches available as on date for the installed software.
  • Determine the list of patches installed as on date for the installed software.
  • Determine the list of missing patches.
  • Highlight Security risks due to missing patches.

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