RIM Network Security

Network and security management is very flexible and scalable. Enterprise customers can leverage the network and security management solution worldwide to scale from the branch to the data center. Service supplier can apply this for the carrier class deployments. It can be use as software or as devoted appliances to range large enterprise and the service supplier environments. Netar Software Services Pvt. Ltd. provide the best network and security system which gives the real time notification of the security events. Network security builds a protection layer on the essential data of the business and also minimizes the risk of the legal processes by infected groups. The network and security services are essential for any organization, whether they are on a small scale or large scale. It protects your network from the hackers, malwares and other harmful users who always like to enter and break up the security of an organization services and data. The procedure of network security starts with the authentication of user, initially it takes the name of the user and password then it permits the user to use network. There are several benefits of network and security system. Some of the are-

  • Lower cost
  • Increased network performance
  • Faster and more proactive resolution of problems
  • Less stress for management staff
  • Risk mitigation

End point services

The end point service state a contact that helps in defining that which technique of service class can access through the endpoint and every endpoint may expose a new set of methods. It also describes a binding which helps in specifying that how client communicate with services and network address where endpoint lives. Netar Software Services Pvt. Ltd. provides the real time visibility and implements to protect the distributed environments against several threats which target the endpoint and also help the organization to obey with regulatory standards on the security. It identifies and removes the known malware through the traditional signature matching capabilities and delivers the advanced protection through modern partial signature matching, hidden malware detection and behavioral analysis technique. Endpoints can include laptops, PC’s, tablets, smart phones and specialized tools like bar code readers or point of scale terminals. Benefits of endpoint service are-

  • Lower TCO- managed services which are delivered by the security experts give the improved efficiencies and knowable spending for the endpoint protection.
  • Comprehensive endpoint protection- it helps in the managements of the endpoint protection services by addressing the configuration and endpoint security response
  • Improved prevention- it eliminates or reduce the threat outbreaks.
  • Remote 24/7 monitoring- it provides the 24/7 remote security protection.