IT needs are changing and to reach the expectations we need innovative techniques to respond to the needs, Remote Infra structure management manages information technology, infrastructure, servers, network & storage devices, IT security of a company.

In the face of these conflicting objectives, companies seek solutions that help maximize performance, maintain IT service continuity, reduce security risks, and ensure scalability and compliance while effectively managing their IT infrastructure costs.

  • Cloud Computing
  • Infrastructure Security
  • Data Service Centers
  • Network security

RIM Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is next level in the evolution of internet. It provides a means by which everything is delivered to you like a service whenever and wherever you need it. The services of cloud computing include storage over the internet based on user demand, infrastructure and delivery of the software. It is the mixture of latest technology, ideas and the delivery models which include Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and several other models. Know More

RIM Data Service Centers

Data center services is a set of solution which integrates the processes, technology and people that helps in transforming data center into a flexible and strategic business asset. Data center services helps in designing and managing the data centers across various platforms and also support these things with worldwide hosting capabilities. Nowadays, organizations are depending on IT to achieve their business goals. Therefore, organizations must ensure that the data centers have good flexibility to tackle the ever changing business demand. Know More

RIM Network security

Network and security management is very flexible and scalable. Enterprise customers can leverage the network and security management solution worldwide to scale from the branch to the data center. Service supplier can apply this for the carrier class deployments. It can be use as software or as devoted appliances to range large enterprise and the service supplier environments. Netar software services provide the best network and security system which gives the real time notification of the security events. Know More